Network Administration & Support

We provide a full range of network administration and PC support services for your office, including server configuration and maintenance, on-site and off-site backup, PC management and software support.

Internet Service / Commercial Connectivity

We can provide or arrange network connectivity for and between your offices using our own network infrastructure or local telco infrastructure. We will work with you to determine your network needs, then either meet those needs directly or work with telephone companies or other carriers to ensure that your interests are protected and your needs met.

Application Service Provider

If you need application hosting we can provide that for you within your own network or at our facility with secured VPN access to your company's hosted system.

Web Hosting & Development

We provide secure Windows IIS hosting and can also arrange and manage your Linux-based web hosting. If you feel your company needs to add a website but you don't have one yet, we can also work with you to determine your needs and design and develop a fast, easy-to-use web site to promote your business and service your customers.


Need email service? We can provide email service for your domain, with Webmail as well as the standard POP3 and SMTP access.

Software Development Services

Our staff is experienced with a variety of Windows and web development tools and languages, so we can select the most efficient and effective way to do custom development for you.